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Capital of Spain since 1561. With time Madrid has changed into a modern and futuristic city that is still growing. Madrid offers an urban atmosphere and a high level of academics and culture. There are countless opportunities to partake in idiomatic tourism if you are interested in learning the local language, Spanish. Madrid is known for its culture, cuisine, captivating customs, and nightlife. The culture in Madrid is open, kind and hospitable. It has a prime location, in the center of the country, and is a perfect central hub to travel to other well-known cities in Spain and all of Europe. Madrid offers a wide variety of cultural interests and entertainment such as museums, expositions, art centers, music, amusement parks, churches, and historical places. Welcome to Madrid! For any questions you may have, you can contact us at the telephone number or address indicated, we will be delighted to assist you.

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Tourist sites

Las Rozas Village

Las Rozas de Madrid is a municipality located in the north of Madrid that is part of the Community of Madrid and is one of the most active municipalities in


El Retiro Park

  The Buen Retiro gardens were created by Felipe IV in the 17th century as a recreational estate for the kings of the House of Austria. Later, in the reign


Cibeles Square

The Plaza de Cibeles, located in Madrid, is one of the best options if your plan is to study abroad. In addition to being in an excellent location, it has


Santa Ana Square

The Santa Ana square provides an emblematic place located in the capital of Spain, Madrid. The Plaza de Santa Ana shows us the best alternatives in an exciting life without


Royal Palace

The Royal Palace is one of the best-preserved buildings in its category in Europe. The visit begins with the esplanade of the Almudena, its extensive square from where the palace


Espa├▒a Square

Plaza de Espa├▒a (Spanish for Spain Square) is a large square, a popular tourist destination located in central Madrid, Spain at the western end of the Gran V├şa. It features