The Madrid Amusement Park

Madrid is one of the best cities to study for different reasons: the offer of student housing, the large variety of quality institutions, the ease ways of transport, the commitment to the Erasmus project, etc. With this in mind, it is known that the life of the university student is based on the home-university diatribe, but this is never exactly the case, especially for those who wish to study abroad and live new experiences. And, the student cannot live alone to study and sleep, he requires an escape route from their routine activities to feel comfortable and happy, and get rid of stress, in addition to being healthy.

With all this in mind, it is time to talk about one of the most interesting attractions in Madrid, dedicated to people who want to get distracted within their borders.

What is the amusement park of Madrid?

If the name is not obvious enough, it’s a park where you get amuse, but wait, there is more, because it’s not a simplefair. This park is located in the Batan Zone of the Casa de Campo and it has two entrance doors: by Zona Tranquilidad and by Nickelodeonland.

The park has a fairly acceptable accessibility with the possibility of arriving by car, metro, bus and more ways. It is a large park with an immense number of attractions, has changed over time and has been renovated, so it meets the expectations to spend a funny day out of the student apartaments.

What can you find in the amusement park of Madrid?

First of all, it should be clarified that the park is divided into zones, which will be exposed soon. Each zone has a significant number of attractions and other smaller areas located within it. The ideal is to go with a fixed plan to not get lost in the sea of ??indecision, although the queues are not usually very long as in other fairs.

With this in mind, the park is divided into:

– Tranquility Zone: 4 attractions, numerous food sales and shows.

– Area of ??machinism: more than 10 attractions, the area par excellence for those who enjoy extreme attractions, has 4 food businesses.

– Nature area: a quieter area for those who enjoy the green and attractions with water. It has 6 attractions and numerous shows and food stores.

– Nickelodeonland: A more focused area for children, set in the characters of the famous television network and animation studio. It has 13 attractions and several food and entertainment stores.

A different afternoon

As you can see if the amusement parks are to the liking of the person, he will not get bored. Not everything that implies leaving the student accommodation madrid to have fun means partying and drinking. The park may seem an attraction for the little ones but it is the kind of place where you can live unforgettable experiences with the new companions. In addition, the local acquaintances can offer to guide the walk through the best locations, being an opportunity to meet people and break the ice, in addition to giving any topic of conversation. In general, if you are going to live in Madrid for a while, it is something worth visiting, among many other things.