Complutense University of Madrid

To study abroad or not, that is the question of every university student, even more in Europe, where the European Union context allows a flow of human capital for educational purposes much easier than in any other continent in the world. How could this opportunity be lost and what it entails? Well, it depends on each person.

Leaving the comfort zone is not easy for the students and there may be many personal situations that make it more difficult and difficult to make a decision like this, but in spite of that, as some say “you are not a complete professional if you have not studied abroad for a long time”.

Taking into account the importance of this decision and its implications, it is a good idea to analyze one of the bastions of European education, from your perspective as a plausible option for a foreign student. Always it’s very important the location of the student housing near to the university in general.

What should be known about the Complutense University of Madrid?

There is not much that cannot be said of the merits of the Complutense University of Madrid, a moderately cultured person can name you the multiple recognitions of this prestigious university. But if you are not from Madrid it is necessary that we give you a small summary of the little shops of this university.

Founded in the last year of the 15th century and considered for many as one of the best universities in the world, the Complutense University boasts of being the most important university in Madrid and consequently, one of the most important in the whole country, if not the plus. Illustrious minds have passed through its corridors that have been awarded by Nobel prizes, among many others that have contributed in an excellent way to Spanish society.

Regarding its offer for foreign students, the Complutense has been an important neuralgic center of the so-called “Erasmus project”, from the point of view of the export of students and its reception, so if you belong to a European institution, there should not be major inconveniences from the institutional, administrative and economic point of view.

Where you can live when studying abroad?

Apartments for students, student accommodation Madrid, etc, it is impossible that these things do not go through the head of those who wish to “leave for Erasmus”. Obviously, there is no rational person who thinks of going to another country without having articulated the subject of his place of residence in that nation. However, the University does not have its own residences, but if there is a large supply of sites in which to reside near it, after all, Madrid is a city for students par excellence, so it is definitely an ideal place to study. The price range is quite acceptable and there are many people willing to help and guide with regard to the needs of the student in particular: covered services, shared flats, etc.

However, the rooms and flats near the university can be a bit difficult to access, since, as expected, they are the most requested and this means that the demand can exceed the offer or that the prices are exorbitant. Given this, we can consider the possibility of going to more southern points of the city, even outside the area governed by the Madrid City Council. In this case, you should not fear too much, because the Spanish capital is a modern and very connected city, so if you need to travel to a more or less considerable distance, you can do it comfortably.