Royal Palace

The Royal Palace is one of the best-preserved buildings in its category in Europe. The visit begins with the esplanade of the Almudena, its extensive square from where the palace is accessed. Both for its furniture and for its sculptural and pictorial atmosphere. Its imposing entrance, shows elegance and magnificence, qualities of the Spanish monarchy of the time.

Originally it was a defensive building of the Muslim kingdom. Centuries later it was converted into the Alcazar of Madrid until 1734, when it suffered a fire that turned it into ashes forcing Felipe V to build the current palace that we all know in Madrid. As we know it today, it is due to the reforms commissioned by King Alfonso XII that modernized it and adopted it into the monarchy system in Spain.

In its interior you can appreciate its varied and splendid salons such as the hall of the columns, the Hall of the Alabarderos or the private room of Carlos III, you can also find the silver or porcelain and glass. In the crown room, we can find symbols such as the crown or the real center. But the most representative hall of the entire Royal Palace is the throne room, superb and the most tangible sign of the greatness of the Spanish monarchy.

It offers the visitor different temporary exhibitions, but the main one and the most important one is the Real Armory; considered one of the most important collections of stop and tournament weapons in the world.

A must for both the tourist and the student, to deepen the knowledge and study of Hispanic history and culture.