Santa Ana Square

The Santa Ana square provides an emblematic place located in the capital of Spain, Madrid. The Plaza de Santa Ana shows us the best alternatives in an exciting life without leaving aside the tranquility, as well as the variety of apartments, so that students have the option to live in Madrid and choose this city if you are in another country and do you want to study abroad.

One of the tasks that is easier to solve when you study abroad is to find the right place to live and more when you choose a city as cosmopolitan as Madrid. However, in the Plaza de Santa Ana there are houses for students and apartments for students, so if you are in a more independent plan, what you find is everything you need to feel at home, all you can find it, which are their responsibilities and tastes.

It is always a challenge to leave your country and your home, but to find student residences in Madrid that provide service to the best services.
Are there different options and opportunities in the Plaza de Santa Ana?
Madrid is an emblematic city, which has different commercial, gastronomic and cultural alternatives, with economic and business potential, with historical, artistic and architectural grandeur, which presents spaces such as the Plaza de Santa Ana which has all these deeply rooted characteristics. There are always opportunities for enjoyment and new ventures, so this is an excellent opportunity to start or continue your studies abroad. All these options open the way to a new life and a new routine as a student.

Strolling through the streets and contemplate the wonderful works of art offered by the Plaza Santa Ana is steeped in the history of Spain. The works of art that this city offers and the chance to visit and contemplate a work or stroll through the museums and soak up all these wonders are the benefits of opting for student residences Madrid.

Changes are good and better opportunities to grow in life, accompanied by experiences and personal and professional growth, even better, study abroad. Nothing better than being comfortable, and this city provides us with the means for students who have what is necessary for the pleasure of those who inhabit them.

Near to the Santa Ana Square it is located the place of the Angel, call thus by the Angel de la Guarda that is painted in a building. This small space is famous for the emblematic Café Central.

Also, near this place is located the Calle Huertas, where we can go a few meters towards Calle Atocha. On the corner we have the church of San Sebastian, where many famous people of the Spanish literature have lived there. Among others, here was baptized Tirso de Molina, married Gustavo Becquer and buried Lope de Vega.

The Calle Huertas is one of the busiest spaces in the Barrio de las Letras. Its name is due to the cultivation of vegetable gardens in this street. At its sides we can find different bars, restaurants and shops with a lot of flavor. On the corner of Calle Huertas is located the Palace of Santoña, reformed by Ribera in the eighteenth century and today is the Chamber of Commerce. On the right we can see the Matute square, a good place to have a drink while sitting on a terrace.

The advantages of Santa Ana Square

One of the main advantages of choosing La Plaza Santa Ana for your residence to start studying is that it is a place that combines culture with leisure and there is always the opportunity to do new things. It also has the opportunity to find houses for students that have decided to come to study abroad, many have balconies where you can enjoy a particular beautiful view, where you can have entertaining talks.

It is very well located in Madrid, so if your plan is to find an apartment so that you are close to the most striking places in Madrid, such as Puerta del Sol or the Prado Museum, Plaza de Santa Ana is your favorite option, because it counts with the best alternatives in student residences in Madrid. Also, in the old Hotel Reina Victoria, there are a variety of monuments that makes this city so beautiful with works and architectures, making it unique to live.