Warner Park

The Warner Park (or also called Warner Park by many) is one of the best locations that can be found in the city of Madrid, in Spain. Madrid is known throughout the world as one of the most emblematic cities of Spain, as in the rest of the territories, because it offers a large number of sites and special locations, which make it one of the most interesting cities of all the country. In fact, for these special places is that many tourists decide to come to this city, and of course, other citizens decide to live here.

Description of the Warner Park

This park has a short story and is quite simple to tell, since it has less than 20 years of being inaugurated and active, however, the amount of events and interesting points of this place make it quite striking for people.

The Warner Park is known and defined as a theme park, which has the fourth largest drop tower in the world, apart from 42 interesting attractions for people. The divisions of this park are 5, within which each division has a special theme and are set in various scenes of films and cartoons produced by the company Warner Bros. and DC Comics.

In 2006, this park received the prize of “Safest Theme Park in Spain”, giving it another point in favor of this wonderful location. This theme park has a lot of attractions that are active until today, which make a total of 42 attractions. Among its diverse attractions we can highlight its 6 roller coasters, in addition to its drop tower, a top spin, 4 water attractions and the rest of the attractions for children, within which adults and representatives can accompany their children.

The 5 divisions of this theme park are the Boulevard de Hollywood, the Movie World Studios, the World of the Super Heroes of DC, the Territory of the Old West, and the Villa de las Caricaturas. All these attractions are distributed in all of these areas, except on the Boulevard de Hollywood where no attraction is found.

Other aspects of the Warner Park

In addition to all this, the Warner Park has several points of service, toilet, shops, fast food stands and more, distributed by all the most strategic locations of that place. Something else that should be noted about this site is that they offer many shows and special presentations, in which children can have fun in a different way and parents also, of course.

According to the general opinions, the most important part of this park is undoubtedly the section of the water park, which is very new (opened only in 2014), but has caused a great stir and approval by the public, becoming the favorite section for children and visitors.

This place is easily accessible, as it has several points through which you can enter. Apart from this, this park is located in a concentric point quite traveled and crowded.

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