Universities and leisure in Madrid

University & leisure in Madrid

Madrid is known for the quality of its universities internationally. Madrid has  over three million inhabitants and, due to the excellent quality of life and the many opportunities  to study and work, it´s a growing city. Therefore, due to high demand, it is often difficult to find a room to rent. More and more people are looking to study abroad, coming from other countries countries, and seek in the city the right place for infinite reasons. Therefore, the Accommodation for students it is the most viable option that we can find for those who want find a good place to stay, at a good price and very centrally located in the city of Madrid.


Universities in Madrid

The city has several public and private universities, with numerous campuses all over the city. One of the areas of the center of the city, Ciudad Universitaria, is very popular due to its great activity for university students, leisure areas, faculties and different campuses of the Complutense University of Madrid.

In addition to this, which is the one with the most faculties, we also find other public universities in the center of the city, as is the case of the University Carlos III, with campus in Puerta de Toledo; the Autonomous University, with campus in the north of the city, the Rey Juan Carlos University, with campus in Vicálvaro, Móstoles, Fuenlabrada and in the urban center itself.

But not only do we find public universities. And in the center there are also private universities of great prestige, as is the case of the Camilo José University Cela, the Nebrija University, the Francisco de Vitoria University, Saint Louis University- Campus Madrid, Pontificia de Comillas University also known as ICADE, University of Technology and Business, Suffolk University campus Madrid, CIS College, Schiller International University, EUDE, ESADE Law and Business School, IEB Institute of Bursåtiles Studies or the European University of Madrid and many others.  As is logical, in a city as big as Madrid we can find different attractive for university studies, from the Health Sciences, to the pure Sciences, Humanities, Communication, Documentation, Social Sciences, International Business, Languages ​​and disciplines of Fine Arts. In total there are more than two hundred studies university officers that it is possible to enjoy in the city of Madrid.

But not everything has to do with studying. And it is that the city offers us endless leisure attractions that we can not leave out. Therefore, if you are looking for what to visit in Madrid, the offer is infinite and the possibilities too. Facing students and young people, Madrid It is a city that offers plans and activities organized both day and night to live to the maximum the capital.

For this reason, being a tourist in Madrid is a pleasure because the villa is made up of prepared for thousands of foreign and national students who visit the capital every year. In addition, traveling safely in Madrid is very simple, since it is a quite place Suitable for young people because it is not dangerous. It is a fairly safe place to all hours and in all areas and neighborhoods of the capital.

Among leisure plans, the city is full of attractions for you to enjoy. Since monuments, squares, neighborhoods such as La Latina, Lavapiés, Malasaña, Chamberí or Moncloa; going through different free museums for young people and university students, as is the Prado, Reina Sofía, Sorolla, the History and Archeology, the Costume Museum or the Museum of America.


Night leisure in Madrid

The city has thousands of possibilities for nightlife. While in the center from the city we can find several nightclubs, the town also has numerous neighborhoods and nightlife areas for young people that will not leave you indifferent.


The neighborhoods of Madrid

In the first place, the Lavapiés district offers us an endless number of bars, pubs and restaurants in a multicultural area with a type of international cuisine of all kinds, from Hindu to Senegalese, passing through numerous Latin music venues, such as salsa, bachata or Meringue.

On the other hand, the neighborhood of La Latina also has nightlife in squares and terraces that belong to bars, where you can drink beer, vermouth and different tapas or skewers. The neighborhood of La Latina is just ten minutes away on foot Puerta del Sol and a few meters from the Plaza Mayor in Madrid, and also has several nightclubs.

Another of the most famous places of university entertainment is Malasaña. An area located a few streets from Madrid’s Gran Vía and where there are a hundred places for daytime and nighttime entertainment. It is one of the most modern areas for all kinds of activities. And it has local and all kinds of establishments, urban and avant-garde areas with street activities.

On the other hand, we can also find the Chueca neighborhood. Located next to the Gran Vía and Calle Fuencarral, it is one of the most walkable areas and where we find numerous clubs, bars and pubs with LGTBI themes. We also find several places where you can enjoy leisure.

And finally, the markets. And it is that in this city we can find many traditional markets of the town that have been transformed into zones and places of leisure day and night. First, San Miguel, as well as San Antón, Chueca or Chamberí. All of them are places where you can enjoy the rich cuisine of Madrid and where there are also many establishments of all kinds of regional and international cuisine with discounts and plans for university students.

Therefore, if you are looking for rooms in Madrid, the best option to enjoy your stay can be found in accommodations in the center of the city, to fully enjoy all the possibilities of the town and in order to meet as many people as possible. with which to share plans and interests. Marli house offers accommodation for students in madrid for years in its 5 floors available in the best areas of Madrid. Do not miss our website!!