Travel cheaply in Madrid: How to get your metro card

Moving around the capital of Spain is very easy, and since all corners of the city are very well connected, it is fast and efficient to use Madrid’s public transport. The interesting thing is that you can do so very cheaply. The public transport network includes mobility by bus, train, metro and light rail, with the latter perhaps being the most widely used of the three. You can access all of them with a single access card (Public Transport Card or TTP) by paying a subscription that you can use as many times as you want for 30 days.

But how to access this benefit? If you are 26 years of age or younger, there is a Youth Pass provided by the Community of Madrid, which costs only 20 euros per month and allows you to travel to all areas. To obtain the card with the subscription you can make an appointment in advance at one of the offices available in the city and manage it there or request it online.

How to manage the card in person:

To manage the card in an office, you must request an appointment in the following link:

On the agreed date you must go to the office where you have registered where you must present yourself with the following documentation:

– Your DNI, NIE, passport or residence permit
– A recent passport-sized color photograph, although if you process it at a management office, the photograph will be taken on the spot
– Card application
– The cost of the card is 4 euros the first time

It is very important that you do not forget any documents, otherwise you will have to get a new appointment.

How to get your card online:

But you can also request the card online on the official website of the Community of Madrid. This is the access link:

There you should:
– Indicate your DNI, NIE or passport number
– Upload a passport-size color photo
– Pay the price of the card (4 euros)

The good thing is that you will receive the card at the address you have indicated, but it will take between 7 and 15 days. Once you have it in your hand, you can recharge it every month in:

– Automatic machines installed in the Madrid Metro, Light Rail and Cercanías Stations
– Information points of the Transport Interchanges
– Tobacco shops and other authorized points of sale
– Transport Card App, which you can download at the following link:

Remember that only you can use the compost. If you lend it to others, you could be penalized with fines. You know, you can travel in the city of Madrid cheaply and as many times as you want with the transport pass.

In the following map you can see the areas covered by the transport service with the Youth Pass.

Youth Pass Zone