Puerta del Sol Square

Puerta del Sol is one of the most famous squares in Madrid and Spain. A must for all tourists. It is located in one of the most significant and historic buildings of this city. It is located at Kilometer Zero, point where the Spanish radial roads begin. It is marked with a plaque on the ground, just in front of the Real Casa de Correos.

This building has a significant clock in its main tower, where every year, thousands of people gather to celebrate, at the sound of their unique chimes, the beginning of the New Year.

We can also find, near the equestrian statue of Carlos III, the monument that represents the city; “The bear and the MadroƱo”. A small statue, with a bear climbing a strawberry tree, that gives origin to the name of the city of Madrid.

Located in a large shopping area and an extensive pedestrian area, it is very well connected to the main subway and suburban train lines. In addition to having access to local bus and taxis.

A few steps from our student accommodation house. Many of our visitors enjoy privileged views from our house.

This area offers easy access to all points of Madrid, including major universities and cultural and study areas, including the Public Library Ivan de Vargas.