Live the experience of being a University student in Madrid!


Madrid is magical place full of life and culture. The lively streets and historic architecture of this important European metropolis captivate all who visit. Madrid is also considered a multicultural city, very visited by tourists from all over the world, and is one of the most sought after cities by international  students. This capital city is a very welcoming place, and you will always find rooms in Madrid.

Why choose Madrid for Study Abroad?

The community of Madrid has a significant number of public and private colleges and universities, including:

  • 6 Public universities, 4 of which are ranked globally as one of the best in their fields.  
  • The main headquarters of the National University of Distance Education (UNED)
  • 16 private universities, 4 of which are branches of other campuses, such as the University of Salamanca and 4 universities in the United States (Saint Louis University, Schiller International University, CIS The College for International Studies, Suffolk University).
  • 15 Arts conservatories, 6 public and 9 private.


In addition to having recognized centers of study, Madrid offers to expand the development of the races with the postgraduate and masters for all the specialties. This way, enormous specialization and evolution has been achieved in the options for the professional development of the last times.

Thanks to its wide variety of areas of study, the city welcomes a considerable number of students from abroad each year. Above all, these students seek a new vision and strategies in their careers. The most sought after careers  include Business Administration,

Advertising and Marketing, Systems Engineering and Hospitality and Tourism related specialties.


Getting around in Madrid

Moving around this city is safe, fast and convenient. Madrid has one of the  largest subway systems in the world, with 301 Stations. There are municipal buses as well as the Renfe commuter trains, making it easy for students and workers to travel  within and to and from the outskirts of the city. And if you need something faster, in the city you can easily find a taxi.

You can choose between 4 apps to order a taxi:


A city that does not rest. What to visit in Madrid?

This metropolitan area is full of places to satisfy all tastes. Below is a list of some of the best sites and activities for tourism, sport or rest.

Retiro Park: a historic place in the center of the city. Its use as a public park dates back to the year 1767. If you are looking for activities, in Buen Retiro you can take out a row boat in the big lake. Or, you can jog, walk or cycle on a path that borders the entire park. It is also used as a place to train outdoors. For artists seeking inspiration, El Retiro has magical places like the Crystal Palace,  the gardens of Cecilio Rodríguez, and the fantastic collection of roses known as La Rosaleda, among others. The park also has a large area of ​​trees and green spaces for visitors, where they can connect with nature. Retiro is the perfect place to study, read a book or simply rest.


Temple of Debod: a gift from the government of Egypt to the city of Madrid in the twentieth century. The structure was rebuilt stone by stone and its location from east to west was made strategically to preserve the orientation of its place of origin. It is surrounded by a fountain, and inside  you can find videos and information about its history. It is located on a hill very close to the Plaza de España, and has a extension of green areas for the enjoyment of its visitors. From the highest point, you can appreciate a beautiful view of Madrid, and also enjoy spectacular sunsets.

Puerta del Sol: if you want to go to the center of Madrid and Spain, this is the place. This area is well known for always being active, and is filled with shops, bars, restaurants and nightclubs. At the door of the old Post Office, you will find a very photographed plaque on the street.  This plaque marks the zero kilometer, the starting point of all the national roads from Madrid to the rest of Spain. Another popular point in the Puerta del Sol is the famous sculpture of the Bear and the Madroño, the symbol of the city.