How to use your electrical appliances in Spain

First, you come to Madrid with all your luggage. You settle in one of the rooms at Marli House, which accommodates all your belongings. But when you go to charge your cellphone, you realize that Spain has no outlets that fit any of your devices!

This is because in this region of the world, the plugs and sockets, and even the voltage are different from those used in the United States. This is why you should take into account some considerations when using your electrical appliances.

What are these differences?

– Electrical devices in Spain are adapted to operate at 220 volts, while those in the US operate at 110 volts. This means that here, the electrical voltage is higher.

– The plugs used in Spain are of type C.F., while those used in the United States are A.B.

The solution: use adapters!!!

Check the specifications

SO, where can you find them?

Whether you choose to stay at Gran Vía, Sol or Príncipe location, I can offer you a list of nearby places where you can buy the necessary adapters:

– In Bricodepot del Corte Inglés, Calle de Preciados, 4, piso 8.

– Multitienda León, Calle León, 26.

Now you know everything you need to know to keep your hair dryer, phone or razor working properly without damage. Enjoy your stay in Madrid with Marli House!


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Plug type A
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