How to go to a cheap cinema / see a movie for a good deal in Madrid

Surely you like the movies… and if it is with some good popcorn, all the better! The good news is that you can go at a very affordable price and even for free here in Madrid. You just have to read this post in which we provide you with all the information you need. The order we choose to inform you about these movie theaters are listed by proximity to the center of Madrid. Alright, let’s get into it!

Callao Cinema

Callao Cinemas
We put Cines Callao first on the list, because they are very close to the Marli House homes meaning it would be very easy for you to get there.
Address: Plaza del Callao, 3.
Every Wednesday (Spectator’s Day): 4.50€
Working days: 7.50€
Holidays: 8€
If you want to see their billboard and schedules, their website is

Capitol Cinemas
Since 1933, the Capitol Cinema has been located on Gran Vía, and offers three screening rooms. It is located at Calle Gran Vía, 41, and its website is
Wednesday (Spectator’s Day): 4.50€
University students: 6.50€

Palacio de la Prensa Cinema

Cinema Palace of the Press
It is also located in Plaza del Callao, at number 4, and has been since 1926. Its website is
Wednesday (Spectator’s Day): 4.50€
Working days: 7.50€

Yelmo Ideal Cinemas:
It is also a cinema with a lot of history, since its inauguration in 1916. It is located in Calle del Doctor Cortezo, 6, near the Plaza de Jacinto Benavente, and its website is Best of all, this cinema shows movies in their original version.
Wednesday: 5.50€
All other days of the week with a Youth Card: 7.30€

Renoir Plaza de España Cinemas:
You can get to Cines Renoir by taking the metro lines 3 and 10, since it is located at Calle Martín de los Heros, 12.
Wednesdays (not holidays): 4.60€
Monday, Tuesday and Thursday (not holidays): 7.30€
Weekends and holidays: 9€
Cines Renoir’s website is, where you can also buy tickets.

Golem Cinema

Golem Cinemas:
If you like independent cinema, Golem Cinemas is a good option. In Madrid, its address is Calle Martín de los Heros, 14 and its website for Madrid is

Monday and Wednesday (Spectator’s Day) except holidays: 4.60€
Normal price: 7.20€
Weekend and holidays price: 8.20€
First session (from Tuesday to Friday until 5:30 p.m., except holidays): 5.90€
Tuesday and Thursday, except holidays, with Youth Card: 5.90€
Last session on Sundays and holidays (Except eve, from 10 pm): 5€

Cinema Studio of the Circle of Fine Arts

Cinema Studio of the Circle of Fine Arts:
The Cine Estudio del Círculo de Bellas Artes is located in Calle del Marqués de Casa Riera, 4, and offers film series with very cheap tickets: only 3€!
You just have to check the billboard to know what films it is currently offering:

Artesiete Alcalá Cinemas:
Artesiete is located on calle Alcalá norte (Alcalá, 414), which you take the metro 5 Ciudad Lineal.
Wednesday (Spectator’s Day): 3.70€
Check their billboard on their website:

Iberia Cinema:
If you are looking for a free cinema, Cine Iberia offers some premieres without paying anything, but you must go early because they will reach full capacity.
Wednesday: 3€
General admission: 5€
This location offers Ibero-American films and you can see its current billboards on its website:
The cinema is at Plaza de Cibeles, 2, and you can get there by taking the Line 2 metro, at the Banco de España stop.

Metropol Cinema

Artistic Metropol Cinemas:
Cines Artistic Metropol is an independent cinema where classic films are screened.
Wednesday: 4.50€
Working days: 6.50€
Friday, Saturday and the eve of holidays: 7€
The address is Calle Cigarreras, 6, and you must go through Metro Line 5 and get off at the Acacias station stop.

La Vaguada Cinema

La Vaguada Cinemas:
If you are accompanied, you can go to a cinema like La Vaguada, which offers a BOGO deal every night from 9pm onwards on Sundays, Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays.
General admission: 8€
Reduced from Monday to Friday: 7€ and 7.5€ on Saturdays and Sundays
First session every day: 5€
Wednesday: 4.60€
Morning passes from Monday to Sunday or first afternoon pass: 5 euros
The address is Calle Santiago de Compostela, S / N, and you can get there through Line 7, Peñagrande station.

Berlanga Room
Sala berlanga offers independent cinema in digital format but also in 35 mm. They usually offer free features.
3 euros plus management fees
The address is Calle Andrés Mellado, 53, and you arrive via lines 7 (Ilas Filipinas Station), 3 and 6 (Moncloa Station).

Cinema Ambassadors:
A cinema that is a little newer than the rest and includes a drink with the ticket.
Prices: 6-7 €
Its address is Glorieta de Santa María de la Cabeza, 5. It can be reached by means of line 3, getting off at the Embajadores station or at Delicias.

Kinepolis Cinema

Kinépolis Cinemas:
Cines Kinépolis is a Belgian chain that has its theaters in Madrid at Calle Edgar Neville, s / n.
General admission: 7.50€
Wednesday (Spectator’s Day), except eve and holidays: 5.80€

There you are! A list of the cinemas you can go to in Madrid that are close to, or well connected to the homes of Marli House. Make sure not to miss any of the screenings on your days off from studies. If you know of another theater you’ve been to and it’s not on the list, share the details with us and we’ll be sure to add it. Enjoy!