Don’t miss the more than 100 shows of Inverfest in Madrid

This winter of 2023, Madrid will celebrate the 9th edition of Inverfest, with more than 100 shows. These are poetic evenings and concerts, among other shows.
At the festival, which takes place from January 6 to February 5, many Spanish artists will present their new albums or begin their tours this year.
Some of the options that you will find in its various venues ( are:
– Music of various musical genres: from indie or pop to flamenco, in case you want to get to know the Spanish musical culture. You will surely like one of the 120 concerts that will be offered.
You can see more here:

– Inververso poetry cycle, with a mixture of poems, music and lyrics, since personalities from literature will be presented.
Look at this link to find out more:

– Polar Conversations, which is a series of films and documentaries that you cannot miss. There will be movie nights, DJs and live music and conversations with the stars of some films, which will make you enjoy the cinema in a very special way.

– New rockers is another live music cycle for parents to enjoy with their children

Now you know that in Madrid the cold is also synonymous with fun. You have many options to enjoy.
We leave you the link of the site so you can see all the details of the festival: